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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who are you?
Shinto, host of the Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast

Q: Why did you create this site?
I wanted to be able to provide a single URL for my show, one page that contains all the show information, clean and simple. That way, I'm not reading out Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, blog, Stitcher, etc. URLs at the end of each episode.

The URL that came to mind, one I would like to use, was It then hit me that other shows could fit in to the same format, (platform_name) I designed a database to store all this information, then went out in search of other podcasts that discuss games for a single platform. Many I already knew about, a few I had to search for. This was time-consuming, finding all the data, but I was excited that the site might be genuinely useful to the retro-gaming podcast community in general.

Q: Why do I not see any Facebook/Twitter/Google Plus links?
Some ad blockers will disable any link with "facebook" or "twitter" or "gplus" in the link image name, especially if you choose to block social media buttons.

All links on this page are free of any tracking shenanigans; I just used obvious icon names, and ad blockers cannot tell the difference. To see all the social media links, tell your ad blocker to ignore If you're worried about ads on this site, check out the next question.

Q: Where are the ads?
No ads. I do this for the love of retro gaming, not for money. I don't insert ads into the podcasts featured on this site or anything sneaky like that.

The Web has become a vehicle for ads, "free" smartphone apps have become vehicles for ads, and I want no part of that. I'm not anti-capitalist, just old and nostalgic for the early days of the Web when people put up web pages because they were excited about something, not because they thought it could garner ad impressions. Even though the pages were generally awful in appearance (mine included), it's the thought that counts.

Q: Where's the multi-megabyte Javascript framework?
When I first started web development in the mid 90s, I focused on making web pages small. That was the challenge back then, getting sites as small as possible while still conveying the necessary information and looking somewhat decent.

I recently gave up on commercial web development because of all the flashy moving stuff currently popular, adding considerably to page load/rendering time but offering little in terms of useful content. There's a time and place for large Javascript frameworks, but I find them overused, both in the sites I was developing for clients, and on the web in general. If that makes me old and out of touch, that's fine. I have a podcast about the Atari Jaguar; I make no pretense about being young and popular.

Last I checked, the main page of required a maximum of 254 kilobytes to load, including all possible uncached assets. That's pretty small, and makes me happy.

Q: Is there a separate mobile version of this site?
I made the site so simple that mobile browsers can render it without any detection code. Hopefully it looks OK on your device.

Q: Is there an app?
No, but I added touch icons that should work on most mobile platforms. If you bookmark the front page on your mobile device in a way that adds it to the launch screen/app list/whatever, you should have a decent-looking icon. This was tested under Android, Meego, and Windows Phone.

Q: Can you list my podcast?
Does your show cover a single hardware platform with one or more games per episode? If so, sure! Drop me a line!

Q: What if there is already a podcast for that platform?
I'm happy to list you, but please understand that the (platform_name) URLs are first-come, first-served. You'll have to settle for a subdirectory (like

Q: What is UTC and why do all your dates/times refer to it?
UTC, or Coordinated Universal Time, is one time zone for the entire planet, which does not suffer from semiannual time changes (Daylight Saving Time, Summer Time, etc.). If I'm going to list these dates/times in any time zone, this one makes the most sense to me.

Q: Um, why not just detect my local time?
Hey, I've got an agenda to push here! :)

Q: How can I thank you or pay you for this service?
No need.

Q: Do people actually ask all these questions?
Other than the first one, no. :)

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